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Bricolage Health and Safety Procedures 


Bricolage has been meeting and exceeding all health and safety regulation requirements outlined by the city and state of New York. In addition, Bricolage has retained Restaurant Professional Services, a food consulting company with over 30 years of experience to provide monthly inspections and training including Covid-19 compliance protocols that surpass Department of Health standards.    


Below are safety and health regulations implemented at Bricolage:


1. All staff are fully vaccinated with third booster.  They have been trained how to remain safe and healthy on and off the restaurant premises. The staff is instructed to immediately inform the owner/General Manager (GM) if they have been exposed to a person with Covid19 and/or if they exhibit any one of Covid19 symptoms. 

2. Staff who handle food must wear gloves at all times. Gloves and masks are provided to staff daily. They are instructed to change gloves frequently and as needed. 

3. All stations throughout the restaurant are equipped with hand and spray sanitizers. Staff are instructed to continuously sanitize their work spaces, counters, phones, screens, and all other equipment they handle. These procedures are strictly enforced before, during, and after service.


4. Our bathrooms are equipped with touchless anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizers and motion activated hand dryers. All guests and staff are instructed to sanitize their hands when entering and exiting the bathrooms. 

If you have questions regarding Bricolage Covid19 safety and health program, please feel free to reach us at


Please stay safe and healthy.


The Bricolage Team

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